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Conscious Capital is a registered investment advisory firm leading a long overdue revolution in the client financial advisory business. Our purpose, our soul, our reason for being here is to help our clients use the power of money to make their world a better place to remember that they are here for reason and to support them as they follow their dreams and live whole again.  


Conscious Capital works with clients to build more than just money, its about understanding and developing dreams, wellness and a person's whole life.  Many people live as though they are sleep drifting through life unaware of their purpose, their reason for being here.  Daily activities and obligations are done as if on autopilot and they spend all day in an office with their thoughts constantly leaving the present moment.  Being present is to be mindful of one's actions and impact and if we are not present to realize our true potential then we are selling ourselves short and not truly sharing our gifts. 


You're Here for A Reason

Your soul has a special song, a special vibration that is like a snowflake: no two are alike. Your job on this earth to align 'your being with your doing'. When our soul's vibration is aligned with our physical existence we are in authentic power. When we live out of balance our soul is in a state of constant stress. Since when hasn't money had a significant effect on your emotional, spiritual and physical and well being. And think of the impact money has on your ability to live your dreams?

Your first step is returning and connecting to your authentic self. In case this begins to sound a little too far out or new age, consider for a moment that one of the top two regrets people express while on their deathbed is I wish I had followed my dreams and purpose more in life. 

Connect to Your Journey


There is a purpose to life.  

Find the light inside you. Feed it, fire it up, and let it shine with abandon throughout the world; it will reflect upon you in ways unimagined. What do you want? Being clear on what you want. Using your gifts to focus on the action and then welcoming them in knowing that you deserve it. 

Dream Your Journey


Come into your Power. 

Find out how to sustain your power, make the world a better place with money, learn to renew and heal, and find happiness and meaning with everything you do.

Empower Your Journey