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COVID-19 - Conscious Conversation with our Investment Strategists

| March 11, 2020
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We will be hosting a live webinar scheduled for this Thursday March 12th at 7:00pm EST. 

Please join us and feel free to invite your friends. Register via link below.

Webinar Overview:

A public health crisis on its own is distressing. A volatile market brings us a different kind of concern. Taken together and then whipped into a froth by inconsistent and even incoherent policy, lack of scientific insight, and traditional and social media feasting off of legitimate and fabricated worries, we find ourselves at a moment of peak reaction and overreaction.

AT 7:00pm EST this Thursday, the team from Wilde Capital Management, our principal investment strategists and portfolio managers for Conscious Capital, will be joining us for a virtual fireside conversation about the challenges the novel coronavirus “COVID-19” have presented to the global markets and to your investment portfolios. They will discuss their assessment of impacts to the US and global economies, the likely policy and other actions, and how they see and are responding to these forces of uncertainty in real terms in the portfolios they manage.

As part of the event, they will discuss prior moments of maximum stress in the markets and what happened before, during and after each one and the lessons we can take away to inform how we respond to the current situation.

During the conversation, you will have the opportunity to submit questions to our presenters, or you can email us ahead of time with a question or topic of interest or concern.

Register Here »

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