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Impact Investing

Conscious Capital Wealth ManagementTM is proud to offer sustainable, responsible, impact (SRI) investment options to our Clients. SRI investing offers Clients the ability to align their investment portfolio with their values – allowing people to make money while making a difference!

This financial investment industry has matured significantly over the past decade. The number of investment options available to the public has increased enormously. According to the US SIF (Social Invesment Forum 2012 Report on Sustainable and Responsible Investing Trends in the United States, responsibly managed asset pools have grown from $639 billion to over $3.7 trillion, an increase of 486 percent since 1995.  In comparison, the broad universe of assets under professional management (as tracked by Thomson Reuters Nelson for the same time period) has increased by 326 percent.

Here are the most common types of SRI investments available:

ESG Integration. Management of environment, social, and governance (ESG) issues can have a material influence on a company's profitability, value and share price. Qualitative ESG analysis offers valuable insight into corporate policies, practices, culture, and impact. Analysis of ESG factors can help illuminate corporate character and identify companies that are managed better than their competitors.

Shareowner Engagement. This involves efforts to include dialogue with companies, and filing proxy resolutions to encourage more responsible corporate citizenship and a more positive impact on society as a whole. Efforts are focused on improving financial performance over time and enhancing the well-being of all stakeholders, including customers, employees, vendors, shareowners, communities, and the natural environment.

Community Impact Investing. This type of investing directs capital to people in low-income, at-risk communities who have difficulty accessing it through conventional channels. Many socially-conscious investors earmark a percentage of their investment portfolios to community development financial institutions (CDFI) that work to alleviate poverty, create jobs, provide affordable housing, and finance small business development in disadvantaged communities.

To learn more about SRI investing, please contact us at 860-659-8299 on weekdays between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, or by using the email submission feature to the right of this page.

The Firm adapts its recommendations of Model Portfolios and asset allocation to the Client as the needs of the Client change over time, taking into consideration such matters as the birth of children, caring for elderly parents, saving for college costs, expected retirement age and goals, changing health needs, changes in risk tolerance and changing needs for liquidity.

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