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Andrea Wolfe

Andrea Wolfe

Whole Wealth Advisor™


I have always been interested in finance. After graduating from UConn with a degree in finance, I started my career in banking. In the late 90's, I took coursework for the CFP designation and was instrumental in creating the financial planning presentation for one of the state’s largest credit unions, which became the precursor to the program in place today. I also served as Treasurer for the Southeastern Connecticut Women’s Network and is on the leadership team for the Shoreline Divorce Professionals. At this point in my career, I am passionate about helping you through your life transition. Through my own life experiences, I have developed a strong sense of empathy and compassion with those facing a life-altering change. I have vowed to be here for you and to go through this together.


What you don’t know can hurt you, and as you're going through a transition things can be even more scary and complicated. And often, the decision you make during these times will stick with you forever. I believe it is important to get your finances set up properly right from the start. This is a seemingly overwhelming task, but you are not alone. We all need support in our life. It’s important to know that someone cares and is knowledgeable and experienced to help navigate you.



 As we go through life, having a team of support gets us through the difficult times. In joining Conscious Capital Wealth Management, Chuck and I found our home. Conscious Capital Wealth Management takes a refreshing new approach that supports the whole person - your health, wealth, dreams and visions. Please take a moment to learn more about what we do and how we take care of our clients. You are here for a reason and I am here to support you.