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Lara Taylor

Lara Taylor

Operations and Compliance Specialist

I bring diverse and multidimensional experience with me to my role as an Operations Specialist here at Conscious Capital after nearly a decade of working as a professional pastry chef. Upon graduating from New York University with a degree in Fine Arts, I stumbled into the kitchen - a life changing rock climbing accident, an opportunity with a chocolatier, and studies at the French Culinary Institute all conspired to prime me for a shining career in the culinary arts.

However, throughout the years my inner voice continuously repeated to me that something was just not right. It was after much soul searching that I was able to truly touch base with my heart and mind to embark on necessary change in my career and life.

 I am purposely building a career that utilizes my organizational strengths and orderly mind while simultaneously harnessing my passion for art and creativity. You can have it all. I am so fortunate to have found Conscious Capital and proud to be a part of this family.