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Lexy Ford

Lexy Ford

Social Media Manager

I am here to help tell the story of Conscious Capital Wealth Management. With a Bachelor’s degree in both Psychology and Film Studies from Eckerd college, I have the knowledge that works in conjunction with my passion for creation to communicate both verbally and visually to an audience. I am here to facilitate the production and communication of ideals, values, and information.

In a world full of technology, communication skills are easily lost and relationships can become impersonal. As I began to discover my communication skills through the verbal and visual medium, I discovered an importance for my work in the world. It is my mission to find meaningful ways to harness the power of technology and story to connect people to what matters most.

Here at Conscious Capital Wealth Management, I implement my skills to aid people in understanding what the company is all about. Through providing informational videos, and by connecting people and ideas on social media, I am helping to tell the story of Conscious Capital Wealth Management.